Packing for a trip is a minefield in itself, especially when you are traveling with children where it can feel like you’ve packed the kitchen sink through to the hammock standHowever, at least when you travel in the summer you can pack lighter items of clothes and generally less of them. When it comes to a winter trip, however, everything gets a little more difficult. With that in mind, here are six packing tips for winter travel.  

6 Packing Tips For Winter Travel

Start at the bottom

To keep warm, the important place to start is underneath your clothes. Thermal underwear is affordable and specially designed to keep you warm and covered close to your skin. It’s really soft and cozy, and makes a big difference to your temperature without being too big and bulky. Make sure you pack a few pairs of thermal tops and bottoms for each person.packing tips for winter travel

Spread it out

When you are packing for more than one person, it’s a good idea to spread items of clothing across several cases just in case one goes missing in transit. This way everyone has at least a few clean items of clothing for the first few days until the cases are found again. This isn’t just a tip for winter, but good practice for traveling all year around. You’ll thank me for this one.


Layer up

It’s important to take items that can be versatile and worn as part of a few different outfits. This will also allow you to layer things up or remove layers as needed, depending on the temperature.

Rather than packing one very thick coat, consider layering up with thermals, shirts, a fleece sweater, and then a waterproof jacket on top. A light waterproof will help keep you dry, which will also help with keeping the warmth in, and take up very little space. In fact, some can be folded down into tiny bags to keep in your backpack at all times.packing tips for winter travel

Style it out

Sometimes, when you pack for winter weather, it can be easy to forget the fun things like accessorizing. You can still do this by rocking different hats, scarves, and gloves, as well as earrings and necklaces which will hopefully be seen on top of your various layers. Thin scarves can be really versatile and be worn as scarves, but also as head scarves or even belts. These will make your outfits look different without having to pack extra clothes.

packing tips for winter travel

Pack smart

Don’t forget to pack all your essentials such as travel insurance documents, visas and boarding passes, plus extra copies, somewhere that you can get to them. The Secret Traveller by 1Cover also recommends scanning in copies of your important documents and saving them as a PDF on your phone. You don’t want them being buried underneath various sweaters and thermal underwear. Invest in a nice travel wallet to keep everything safe, and pack the copies elsewhere just in case anything gets lost.

There are so many amazing reasons to book a winter holiday. Take magical pictures in the snow, do some snow-based activities, and enjoy something a little different. However, at least now with these tips, you won’t have to let packing be something that puts you off!

Before I head off to Norway in the snow, do you have any packing tips for a winter holiday? Let me know in the comments!