We had high expectations for our holiday to Beekse Bergen and we were not at all disappointed. Beekse Bergen is the kind of holiday resort where you can pull up today and leave 7 days later not having needed to leave the park at all. Beekse Bergen is a safari park with a holiday park attached to it and a pleasure beach thrown in for good measure.

If you are staying on site for more than three nights, you are given free entrance to the safari park and the pleasure park, but I believe you pay extra for those if you are staying for a shorter period.

Beekse Bergen is another place (like Koningshof) that it pays to have a bike, because the areas are fairly well spread out.

On arrival at Beekse Bergen

Let’s start at arrival. On arrival at Beeks Bergen, there’s a huge reception building in front of you (there are other parking areas with the Safari Park to the right, and an event centre to the right too – you want to go straight ahead and to the left for the reception parking). Once there you can check in and you’ll receive your access pass for the holiday park and the extra places.

Beekse Bergen accommodation options

We were booked in with Eurocamp, so once in the park, we drove down towards the Eurocamp area to check in there too, and receive our assigned safari tent. There were two accommodation options with Eurocamp Beekse Bergen – safari tents and cabins. The safari tents were really quite beautiful and looked out onto a forested patch between camp sites. We enjoyed the view, the fabulously kitted out kitchens with stove, fridge, freezer and fake-flame heater for the colder evenings.

There are loads of other accommodation options on site too, through other holiday providers, or there are also amazing looking lodges in the actual safari park itself.

Beekse Bergen

Beekse Bergen holiday park

The kids made friends with the children in the other tents and soon everyone was whizzing around on their bikes and running around the tent area like old friends.

Around the campsites there are parts of parks dotted around. For example, by our there was a climbing frame, across the road there were two swings, a little further down the road there was a seesaw and so on – little bits of play park dotted around between the accommodation.

Beekse Bergen

On site there’s also an ‘Africa’ area with a lovely indoor pool (quite deep), a baby pool with fun water toys in, and a water slide that lands into a different, deeper pool. There’s also a shop that stocks most of what you will need over the period of a week, and a restaurant, play park and entertainment stage. As compared to a lot of other parks, the entertainment here is quite early – around 5pm, which is great if you’re hoping to get little ones to bed early, but quite early if you’re still out and about, so we missed it every day

From the entertainment area, you can also take a free boat crossing to Speelland an enclosed beach area filled with a day’s worth of entertainment.

Beekse Bergen Speelland

On the beach is a fantastic climbing frame with swings, monkey bars and slides. There’s also a pulley platform to pull yourself over a river, and a two different walkways – one to walk over, and one to shuffle, shuffle, shuffle, so you don’t fall in the water!

Beekse Bergen

Further along the white-sand beach there are amusements rides – a safari car ride, bumper boats and a spinning waterski ride. These are all included in the entry price, but there are also racing cars that you pay a couple Euro extra to do. There are bouncy castles, giant pillows and huge balls for bouncing on too. There’s also adventure golf, and kids-cars that they can do endless laps on (on quiet days).

Every now and then a Jeep comes around bringing one of the safari park mascots to greet the kids and have fun with them.

There are also water slides for warmer days, and in the water itself there are giant swan pedalos, and a water adventure course. There is absolutely plenty to do to keep you busy for a full day, and you can probably go back again for seconds if it suits.

Beekse Bergen Safari Park

The real draw for Beekse Bergen, however, is the Safari Park. There are four ways to see the Safari park – by bus, by boat, by car and by foot. By boat you don’t see all of it, and I don’t think you do by bus either, but they are two ways to see a majority of it. You can also drive your car through the park – though you’re not supposed to get out of the car – and while doing so is ‘free’ you do pay on leaving again (about €5).

Beekse Bergen

The best way really to see the park, I think, is to do the walking tour, so you can actually see everything at your own pace. There are various places to stop for a bite to eat, a coffee or an ice cream, and there are, of course, souvenir shops too.

We were there during a particularly hot few days, so we just did sections of the park each day, till we’d seen it all, without feeling pressured to see it all in one day.

The surrounding towns, should you need to visit them, have everything you could want- like a cash machine – but it’s quite possible to spend a week on Beekse Bergen without ever having to leave the park and it’s various areas.

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