Butterfly and Fountain World is exactly what it sounds like – a butterfly zoo and a landscape garden, side by side just outside of Newport on the Isle of Wight.  Butterfly World was the first butterfly farm opened in a UK garden centre, and the fifth Butterfly farm in the world, so it has a rich history and is a wonderful attraction for small children.

On arrival at Butterfly world you enter through a shop (which is also the exit). They do take card, when the machine works, but like much of the Isle of Wight carrying cash is advisable as you will be turned away if their card machine doesn’t work and you don’t have cash on you. (It happened to us!) Butterfly World Isle of WightAs you enter into the butterfly enclosure, hot, humid air envelops you and if you’re there in winter you’ll be well advised to leave your coats in the car as you’ll be peeling them off in no time. The butterfly enclosure is one large open room filled with tropical plants and shrubs and hundreds upon hundreds of butterflies. It really is quite spectacular. The air is sweet with rotting fruit – though not as unpleasant smelling as it sounds.

Behind the entrance are breeding cages where Butterfly World breed bought-in cocoons, but butterflies are also left to breed in the ‘wild’ – in this case the butterfly enclosure – so as you go through the room you will spot butterflies in various stages of development, and if you’re really lucky and quiet you can probably even catch one emerging from time to time.

We have found the Butterfly Keepers at Butterfly World to be fantastic, really. They are informative, helpful and full of information. They’ll answer all your questions and point you in the direction of anything amazing or different going on in the enclosure. Our experiences with them have been wonderful. Fountain World Isle of Wight

As you leave the butterfly enclosure there’s an immediate drop in temperature – though still not particularly cold – as you enter Fountain World. There you’ll find a display of fountains and leaping waters. The children love these.

They are set in gardens of herbs and shrubs – it’s quite a sensory sensation, especially the Italian Gardens with everything from a Roman temple façade to a Rosemary bush. Just lovely. Further along the walk through journey is a Japanese garden which is very pretty, complete with Koi pond.

If you happen to be there during the Koi feeding, you can get involved (free of charge) in feeding the fishes, getting hand on with them quite literally eating from your hands. There’s also a very informative talk during the feeding. I had no idea there was so much to know about fish! Once again the keepers are just brilliant at their jobs.

The next ‘room’ is  a peaceful Japanese garden, complete with weird puppets and relaxing music. There are also tortoises in a pond that are mesmerising to watch – specially considering they do absolutely nothing!

It’s a good place to sit and rest for a minute though.

The final section takes you through the jumping fountains. If you have very small children, a spare pair of clothes are advisable as they can get very wet – though it is possible to avoid the jets, but I’ve yet to succeed in getting my children out dry. It’s good fun though – they do love it.

From there you back through Butterfly world again, and back out to the shop.

Outside there is picnic space on the grass, or a cafe that serves food and drinks (but may be cash only, although I’m not sure if that’s because their machines haven’t worked when we’ve been there, or if it’s because they are cash only.

When is Butterfly And Fountain World Open? 

Butterfly and Fountain World are open all year, though you should check their website (link below) for specific closures.

Who is Butterfly and Fountain World suitable for?

This is a great outing for children, but also for adults. Perfect for educational trips or leisure strolling. We’ve gone with groups of children and the space is large enough to swallow it up without being overwhelming.  It is also fully wheelchair accessible.

How much is a visit to Butterfly and Fountain World and how long should you plan to spend there?

With two young children, I find an hour at a time is about enough – unless you’ve managed to catch a feeding or two, then you can probably add another hour to that.

Given that two hours is about your maximum, I find the £7.99 for adults, £5.50 for ages 4-15yrs (under 4’s are free) quite exorbitant. It’s a wonderful place to visit, but it’s not cheap, especially if you want to go frequently. (see below for special offers)

Car parking is free of charge.

Where can you find special offers for Butterfly and Fountain World?

You can go again in a 7 day period for half the price, if you present your original ticket. Island residents receive a discounted price with proof of residence. If you come to the Island as a Red Funnel passenger, you can also buy tickets to Butterfly and Fountain World at 1/3 off.

The Price is Wight is a good source of local deals for the Isle of Wight. Not everything is available all the time, but you can keep an eye out for special offers during your visit. Aside from that, websites like Living Social, Groupon or Wowcher often have fantastic offers for the Isle of Wight, often including ferry travel in accommodation deals.

On the web: Butterfly and Fountain World

On Facebook: Butterfly and Fountain World