I love the Isle of Wight at this time of year. In fact, these days between the first sunshine and the Easter Holidays are probably my favourite. It’s as if the Island is a rosebush, opening one flower at a time. It’s now that shop fronts are cleaned, scraped down, repainted. Windows that have been shuttered for months are dusted off, opened, washed clean. Places that have been uninhabited for months have life in them again, and desolate grey beaches are dotted with people again – but not so many as to be crowded.Wild Garlic

The roads are lined with daffodils on one side of the island, and wild garlic on the other. Dandelion heads pop up here and there and people look up, make eye contact, and smile.

I do love this time of year on the Isle of Wight.

Of course, there’s an expectation that comes at this time of year too – Robin Hill, Blackgang Chine, Shanklin Chine and more of our favourite places will be opening soon. The gardens at Osborne House, the lawns next to the beach at Appley, the paddling pools in Ventnor and East Cowes – all things that will be open soon, available for the enjoyment of children in the making of memories.isle of wight beaches

Festivals will be starting soon, bringing an air of excitement and fun; carefree days are coming. The Folk and Blues Fair in May, or Walk the Wight for the more energetic, big festivals, family festivals, fringe festivals… yes, there’s a lot to be excited about on the Isle of Wight.Isle of Wight Festivals

People often come visit us here, thinking that a week will be enough to see the whole Island, and without fail, they leave again, aware that they’ve barely touched the surface – I’ve lived here two years, and feel much the same.

But you can spend days and days exploring the Isle of Wight, which, if you are really interested, begins magically enlarging itself for you. – JB Priestley

But where’s the joy in rushing? Isn’t taking it easy and doing it bit by bit one of the joys of Island living? It is for me. They say we’re still living in the 50’s here. So long as there’s good coffee and WIFI, I’m okay with that.  There’s so much to love about the Isle of Wight, something for every season really, but I do love these early days of Spring.


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