Luschka is a work at home, home educating, single mum to a 6 and 3 year old. We try to explore our environment as much as possible, whether it’s where we live or on days out or short breaks. From time to time we’re lucky enough to be able to go on longer trips – including 6 months in Australia, 6 months in South Africa, and 6 weeks on a 5 country tour of Southern Africa, all in the last five years. We’re always up for an adventure!


I know not where the white road runs,
Or what the blue hills are
But man can have the sun for friend,
and for his guide, a star! ~ Gerald Gould, Wanderthirst

PR Friendly 

It’s still early days for Giving Up Normal, but we have a strong social media following through our other blogs and websites. If you’re on our path over the next few months though, do get in touch. We’re always keen on a day out, a restaurant visit, or a place to stay!

Get in touch

diaryofafirstchild @ gmail. com – Luschka

lucybenton88 @ – Lucy

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