When I moved to the Isle of Wight a few months back, I made a friend in my local community. In our conversations, I mentioned that we might live on the Island, then head to Europe over the summer when it gets too busy, and she said “No! Summer is the best time to be on the Island – it has a proper festival vibe for months on end”. Well, this weekend I had my first taste of what that might be like at the Wolverton Folk And Blues Festival – and I’m no longer planning on going anywhere else this summer!

Main Stage Wolverton Folk and Blues Festival This was our first visit to Wolverton and to this festival, so I wasn’t sure what to expect, but the venue itself was easy enough to find following the GPS and clear road signage led us straight to the gate, where we were ushered in to the parking area. From there a short walk in a field  through the entrance gates, where I was able to buy a ticket for slightly more (£9) than the advance purchase price (£6). Children under 12 are free.

The field itself is surrounded by tents and vans selling food and trinkets – not enough to make it feel commercial, but enough to satisfy your needs if you want something to eat, or a trinket reminder of the day. There’s a large beer tent with live entertainment, and a swath of toilets for public use.

Wolverton Folk and Blues Festival CraftsImportantly, however there is the main stage for the music acts, and the children’s entertainment tent – an open tent that parents can see into while their children do arts and crafts.

Each of these activities is paid for, but the prices were 50p to £1.50, so not prohibitive (unless you have a lot of children, I suppose).

This is a folk & blues festival, of course, and this year acts included Dave Kelly, Laurie McVay and a number of others both local to the Island, and from the mainland.

While there is plenty to buy, visitors can also bring a picnic basket, which we did, so we sat on the grass, listening to music and enjoying the beautiful late spring sunshine. It’s easy to let the world melt away as you lie back soaking in the atmosphere while the children run around in butterfly wings (from the craft tent) and dance and play.

Wolverton Folk And Blues Festival Kids CraftsAnd if the activities of the beer, craft or cake tents aren’t enough, on top of the acts on stage, well, there are also ‘side’ activities – this year those included Circus Skills and Morris Dancing.

As a day out, Wolverton Folk and Blues Festival is just lovely – aided, I’m sure, by the amazing weather.

Facilities are as you would expect, without the 3rd day toilets to worry about – although the queue did get a bit long for my three year old, and she had to go behind a truck, sorry organisers!

For more information on Wolverton Folk and Blues Festival, visit their website here

P.S. My camera is in for repairs at the moment, so it’s all phone photos at the moment, I’m afraid!